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Trial and Error

Getting Away with Broadband Murder

May 16, 2007 3:19 PM

So IFC launched its first Web series earlier this week on Mother’s Day. It’s called “Getting Away With Murder” and when I first arrive at IFC.com, for some reason I am a little thrown off because there’s a great big photo right in the center. I barely glance at it, but I assume it’s the series so I click through.

Turns out the photo is simply a promotion for the network, so I click back to the main page, vowing to pay more attention this time. As it turns out, the Web show is still fairly visible – it’s promoted on the lower left hand side of the page. So I go ahead and click on a button for “play clip” for “Getting Away with Murder.” That lands me on a separate video window and I am thinking, “this will work well.”

But oh no. No it doesn’t

Guess what happens? A clip from “The Henry Rollins Show” plays instead. Which is not only NOT the clip I clicked on, it also stops and stutters every two seconds, creating an annoying staccato background rhythm as I write this.

So I give the site another chance, hopping back to main page, retracing my steps and hitting the link for “play clip” for the Web series. And once again I am met with the video player window with a list of shows that does not include the one I clicked on.

Now that’s getting away with murder.


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