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Trial and Error

Hockey Videos Smooth as Ice

May 25, 2007 12:30 PM

Sports Leagues are often leaders when it comes to technological innovations so I figure it’s a good idea to check in with their online video endeavors now and again.

On May 28, the National Hockey League will offer a wrap-up version online of its hockey higlight show “NHL On The Fly: Final.” The show starts the first day of the Stanley Cup Final at http://onthefly.nhl.com/.

While it’s not live yet, I decide to see what else the site had to offer. The good news is when I first land on the site, I immediately spot a video player. After clicking on it, a window with Windows Media Player launches and proffers hockey highlights. I watch for a minute and then click on to another link for “The Rush Around the NHL,” a look back at yesterday’s games.

The video experience is super simple, easy to find and easy to use. You can jump in and out of videos easily and find loads of hockey programming. So much so that if I were a hockey fan, I’d probably stick around and watch even more.


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