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Trial and Error

If Only I Were 17… I’d like The N Even More

May 21, 2007 1:51 PM

MTV Network’s tween network The N recently ran a user-generated contest online that’s connected to its show “The Instant Star.” The contest is “Instant Star Karaoke Showdown” and generated more than 130,000 votes in the first two weeks, The N said.

That contest ended last week, but the N is launching its next user-generated contest connected to its signature show “Degrassi.” That contest is dubbed “Show us Your Degrassi.”

So as usual, the network has emailed me the direct URLs for the contests. But as usual, I toss them aside because the goal as always is to determine how easy it is for the average consumer to track down a promotion or video.

In this case, both contests are visibly promoted in the middle of The N’s homepage. Points for The N!

The karaoke contest ended last week, but the link for the contest takes me to a bright page with bold navigation buttons emblazoned with the words “See the winner.”

Easy enough. So I click on the winner’s video and I am pretty much in user experience heaven because the video – which loads after a Hot Pockets ad – has that much-beloved feature. You know it – it’s the big play button.

On the right hand side of the video player are links to other contestants’ videos from the contest. I’m certainly no Simon Cowell, but the singing ain’t so hot, so I pass on watching more. Instead, I hop back to the home page to kick the tires on the “Degrassi” contest.

I don’t have a video to submit, but as I click around on the contest, I notice that site does a great job providing easy-to-access details on how to submit.

There’s also a cool feature to “snag your degrassi” that lets you embed a “Degrassi” clip in your Web site.

The directions are unbelievably easy to follow – click here, click there, copy this code.

So if you like “Degrassi” go ahead and follow the instructions and let us know if they work.


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