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Trial and Error

No Good TV is Very Good Web Video

May 24, 2007 3:56 PM

Want to see a really cool user interface for online video? Go to NGTV.com

The content is a little risqué—if you don’t like the F-bomb—don’t go.

But No Good TV site does something really impressive – it integrates the control we want from Web videos with the high-quality professional feel of an MTV. The short programs are highly edited and produced with smart graphics, while a very cool design wraps around the video player.

Getting the hang of navigating the site will take a minute or two, but once you do finding your way around is pretty intuitive. You can swoop between channels and shows and also watch a top videos list. The best parts include the interstitials and the moments when a host pops up on screen but outside of the video player to show you around the site.

Here are links to a couple shows:

Shrek Happy Endings

Cast of Spider-Man 3

Or hop around the site and discover what you like or don’t like.


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Last week, No Good TV's YouTube viewership blasted that of NBC and CBS combined despite having only 7 new videos vs. the 45 or so between the two networks. Check out the chart and details at www.tubemogul.com/blog... they're certainly making an impact.

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