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Trial and Error

Project V

May 4, 2007 2:01 PM

OK. So everybody has to get into the online video world these days. I get that. In some way, it’s to be applauded, really. The democratization of video and all that.

So add FremantleMedia to the mix. The well-known production house recently launched Project V at www.project-v.net and is billing it as an online short-form comedy drama that “showcases the lives and observations of six up and coming young performers from Britain and the US.”

In the video blogs, the performers talk to each other and the audience and users can post comments on their pages. The site is nice and clean and even pretty too, making navigation easy. Click on the performer’s silhouetted cutout and you go right to their page with links to their most recent video diaries.

But—and maybe it’s just me—the videos aren’t terribly interesting. (OK, “Teabagging” is a little funny). They seem disjointed though Fremantle says there is some storyline that’s unfolding in each of the disparate videos.

This non-linear structure is deliberate apparently, part of “producing entertainment brands for the YouTube generation,” Fremantle said.

OK, so it’s a mystery then, a bit of a puzzle. And I suppose it’s a mystery to me then too.

Project V runs through the end of June.


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