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Trial and Error

Did ‘Silver Spoons’ Ever Need to be 22 Minutes Long?

June 19, 2007 11:31 AM

Sony and MySpace made such a big deal out of the launch of the Minisode Network today that I’m kind of surprised it’s not promoted on the home page of the social networking site. While I know the direct URL, I always like to hunt around first and see if the minisodes are easy enough to find on their own since that’s what most consumers will do. And I’m sorry to report that even when I visit the video section of MySpace, I don’t see a promotion or link for “The Minisode Network.”

So I plug in “minisode” in the search box, figuring that will do the trick. But instead, the results contain various “mini series” and what appears to be a handful of user-generated “minisodes,” but nothing from the hyped Minisode Network.

Finally I give up and type in myspace.com/minisodenetwork. Once I’m there, the video fires up right away and the site looks good. The page is uncluttered and underneath the video player lies a menu bar with the various classic shows that have miniaturized. I opt for “Silver Spoons” since I used to like that show when I was growing up.

I watch the “Grandfather Stratton” episode in which Ricky meets his grandfather for the first time.

It’s four and a half minutes and still a totally cheesy sitcom with its laugh track. It works in the shortened time. Makes you wonder if any show really needs to be 22 minutes.


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