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Trial and Error

Hearst-Argyle, Where Are You on YouTube?

June 4, 2007 11:12 AM

So local TV stations are getting hip to YouTube. Hearst-Argyle Television started offering local videos from five stations on YouTube today. You can find them online at: www.youtube.com/wcvbtv, www.youtube.com/wmurtv, www.youtube.com/kcratv, www.youtube.com/wtaetv and www.youtube.com/wbal.

But can you find them if you don’t have the URL? If I was just strolling around YouTube, would I happen to land on one of these channels? Let’s talk a walk and find out.

I don’t see any links on the home page. But that’s OK – people go to YouTube and search.

Next, I try the link for “channels” but the featured ones are the ones with the most subscribers. So then I click on “partners” and find videos from No Good TV, CBS, National Geographic, LonelyGirl15 and other YouTube partners. Then I try an alphabetical search, then I click on “category” and finally I just plug “Hearst Argyle” into the search bar. But the first video there is from KSBW-TV in April.

So finally I plug in the URLs directly. And the channels do look good. But really, how are you supposed to find them, to stumble upon them, to serendipitously discover all that you never had but suddenly desperately want from local TV online?


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