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Trial and Error

Now Featuring NBC as Your Online Love Doctor

June 18, 2007 10:44 AM

OK, so now we’ve got online video about online dating.

NBCU’s digital studio debuted an online video show about online dating with dating coach Andrea Syrtash as the host. The videos are well-produced, though with one or two cheesy graphical elements in the intro. Still, the show features a nice range of man-on-the-street interviews and studio shots. (By the way, that’s a sweet studio for an online video series.) Go to www.ondating.tv to check out the show.

The videos are incredibly easy to play and find—there is a list of episodes on the right hand side while the video plays in the main window. And, the video has got my favorite feature—the big play button.

You can also watch the episode on iTunes, AppleTV or via RSS feed.


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Hi there. I am the publicist for ON Dating.
We love your post, but just had a few important distinctions to make:

1) ON Dating's host's name is actually Andrea, not Andrew.

2) "ON Dating" is produced by NBC Universal Digital Studios for ON Networks, a new media company which delivers high-definition content on-demand across the Internet and new networks like IPTV, digital cable and iTunes.

ON Dating is actually one of several new programs being introduced by ON Networks. Other shows available at www.onnetworks.com include: Cocktails on the Fly, Comedy Insider, Dinner With the Band and Zen Living.

Jeff Salzgeber
For ON Networks, Inc.

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