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Trial and Error

On iPhones and 'Transformers'

June 28, 2007 10:58 AM

Had enough iPhone hype? Who hasn’t?

The New York Times’ tech expert David Pogue takes a humorous look at the unmitigated buzz, the strict guidelines of Apple’s NDA, and the phone itself in this must-watch video.

Plus, he does a great preview of the phone itself, including videos, pictures, the Web and how to use that funky touch screen keyboard. There is a YouTube module, but otherwise Web videos are hard to watch on the iPhone.

And just because it’s Thursday, just because I’m feeling kind of generous, here’s a little bonus video for you.

I love Black20’s latest movie trailer spoof mocking the pending release of next week’s “Transformers,” which incidentally falls under the heading of movie-my-six-year-old-most-wants- to-see-and- his-mom-least-wants-to-see. Check it out.


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