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Trial and Error

Veoh TV Beta Rocks My World

June 22, 2007 12:42 PM

What do I like best in Internet video? Yes, you guessed it. Ease of use and simplicity.

The Veoh TV service achieves both.

I downloaded it yesterday and took it for a trial run today. Veoh bills the service as an Internet DVR that lets you search for, watch and manage online video.

So once I register, a nearly full-screen window pops up with links for favorite, channels, recommendations and search. I say “nearly full-screen” because I can still see my computer’s task bar across the bottom. This is a good thing, as one of my key gripes against Internet TV services like Joost is they can take over the entire screen, leaving you at their mercy.

I decide to start with “Channels” since I haven’t downloaded any videos yet into favorites. Oh, this is so easy. I love the navigation—it’s simple and once I click on the folder for channels, the screen simply lists CBS, NBC, CW, PBS and Fox. In big letters. On a nice clean screen!

I choose CBS and click on “How I Met Your Mother” from among the shows listed. The video loads almost instantly and the episode plays. Yes, it plays without any problems.

Now the screen migrates to the full-screen takeover mode, but if I just gently tap the mouse, the controls come up on the screen. Plus, I can right click on the upper right hand corner to turn the player into regular size. The video looks fantastic. The only issue I have is figuring out how to use the fast forward button. It’s right next to the play button—well, duh—but if you touch it once it sort of restarts the video. I actually have to hold it down the whole time to get it to fast forward.

I’ve only spent a few minutes on the service, but I’m giving it a gold star for ease of use.
I’ll be back next week to try it some more.


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Comments (2)

tom d:

I finally downloaded VeohTV as there was something I really wanted to watch on Veoh and they limit vids in the web player to five mins (you have to play in VeohTV for the full length - cheeky but will surely help roll out the application!)

I usually dislike software like this, I'd rather use my browser/Media Player Classic for video, but I am very impressed - it does exactly what it claims (which is more of a rarity than it should be!), it works well (not spotted any bugs yet), looks nice and is easy to use (important to actually get people using it, e.g. in the living room) and already has some great content available (I can finally watch The Office in the UK without having to hunt round seedy corners of the net!) which will only improve with time. I'm absolutely prepared to watch adverts in exchange for high quality network content.

Great stuff, I'll be recommending it to my friends.

Adrian cavazos:

men i was looking for a video on veohtv when I had to pause and when I wanted to resume stupidly I clicked on the fast forward button which took out the whole video, and because there is no load from any point function I want to get it back. I had allready downloaded the hole you know and it took a lot on my connection plz help if you know something

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