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Trial and Error

While We Wait for Veoh, Here’s TurboNick

June 20, 2007 10:25 AM

I had planned to download Veoh’s new VeohTV Internet video DVR service and write about it today. But my computer is sluggish to the point where my six-year-old son has had to hold me back from throwing the beast against the wall.

So consider today’s post an interlude, if you will. I’ll get back to VeohTV just as soon as I stop seething and cursing the computer, the wireless, whatever gets in my way.

I’ll take this opportunity then to give a shout out to Turbo Nick. Let me tell you why I think it might be one of the finest online video services around. Here’s why—a couple weeks ago I had to write a quick story while my son was home with me. So I turned his computer on, typed in Turbonick.com and said “here you go.” And that was it. I didn’t have to do anything else. He played videos, navigated the site and was able to figure everything out on his own.

Keep it simple. That’s key.


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