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Trial and Error

Cookie Wars in Los Angeles

July 19, 2007 8:09 AM

I wish there was a universal video player. Because there are SOOOO many online video sites these days that my head is spinning.

I’m checking out a new video Web site that NBC-owned station KNBC-TV in Los Angeles just launched. The site is supposed to be your “state-of-the-art” video guide to what’s hot in LA and you can find it online at www.yourla.tv.

I love the concept because a local guide is a smart way for a TV station to play in the online video world. The videos are fresh and peppy and the hosts seem knowledgeable. And the cookies sure look good in the “CookieWar” video. (Note to KNBC: Feel free to ship some chocolate chip cookies to me!)

But when I skip around and try to check out other videos, I experience a moment of hesitation. I have a fleeting sense of uncertainty – which arrow button do I press, do I scroll through the playlist, or do I hit fast-forward?

And that’s when I think, wouldn’t it be great if we all just got along and used the same design?

In my dreams…


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