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Trial and Error

How to Beat YouTube

July 12, 2007 9:32 AM

Apparently you need to use big breasts rather than soft fluffy kittens.

Go to YouTube and click on most viewed videos for the week. Up until a few minutes ago, you would have found a thumbnail image of a darling little ginger kitten, who was merely the front for a 1:30 video full of instructions on how to download videos from YouTube.

His big sweet eyes and oh-so-pettable coat managed to lure about 180,000 views on the site before YouTube pulled it down due to violations of terms of use.

Don’t worry though. You can always find gobs of videos of girls with nice racks on the most-viewed list.


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Links, give us links!!!


Links? You can find all the dodgy videos that are removed from youtube at kingnutter.com

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