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Trial and Error

Where’s the Video on CNN.com?

July 2, 2007 9:25 AM

CNN.com took the curtains off its re-launch today, going live with a new online look. The site has now folded the former CNN Pipeline service into CNN.com, which means all video is available for free rather than on a subscription basis.

I kicked the tires a few weeks ago on the beta version of the site. There are some cool new interactive features on stories, but I still think video needs to be front and center. If you’re going to bother bringing in video from Pipeline, then you should give it a bold new home, make it the centerpiece.

Because the videos are phenomenally easy to use—they’ve got big play buttons and all.

And you can easily click from one video to the next. I watch a clip from Isaiah Washington’s appearance on “Larry King Live” and a short bit on airport security. But CNN still seems to have tucked them away on the home page in a little corner off to the side, as if they’ve been naughty. As if they don’t deserve the spotlight.

But they do. So bring them to the front. Make that main photo actually be a link to video.


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