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Trial and Error

Bill in a Box

August 16, 2007 9:27 AM

So, 30,000 text messages in one month breaks down to 1,000 a day. Let’s say you sleep eight hours a day (one can dream!). That means to pound out 1,000 messages in the remaining 16 hours you need to send 62.5 an hour, or roughly one a minute.

Those are some seriously nimble fingers, folks.

Check out this video from hot geek Justine who just received her first iPhone bill. In a box. A 300-page iPhone bill in a box. She’s apparently an avid text messager.

The video has already generated more than 200,000 views on Revver and another 100,000 on YouTube.

As Justine points out at the end, there’s nothing like a 300-page bill as an advertisement for paperless billing.


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I feel so left out; not a single text message from Justine ever since she got her new iPhone....

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