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Trial and Error

No Butt Double for Richard Gere

August 24, 2007 12:30 PM

So I’m hanging around Comcast’s The Fan, sort of wondering what the point is. Not of The Fan per se, but just vaguely contemplating the purpose of Internet video. Like why would I go to a portal and just sort of browse for video? Do people get a hankering to watch video on the computer? I mean, are the hankerings that unformed?

I didn’t know the answers to these deep philosophical questions as I tinkered around on The Fan this morning, the portion of Comcast.net devoted to Web video. I just went there because the site recently revamped the video section for better organization and customization, such as playlists and search suggestion, Comcast told me.

So I wandered around, not really in the mood for anything in particular, watching a minute here of Fergie (boring), a minute there of Avril (almost as boring), then a promo for one of the Olsen twigs, I mean twins, on “Weeds” (not as boring), until I saw a headline that was too hard to resist.

Gere Nude Scene.

No, I’m not a raging Richard Gere fan, but it sounded more interesting than the preview for “Scary Movie 4” (really, really boring).

It turns out Gere will be baring his behind in the upcoming movie “The Hunting Party.”

They had a butt double on standby but didn’t need him.

So there you go. Apparently tidbits such as these are what Internet video is all about.


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Marc Carpinelli:

I get told I look like Richard Gere every day I go out of the house. That is from the front , not the back. I do work out every day,I am 49, and if someone wants to pay me more than my day job, I'd bare my *&%$#@ass just like he did.

Agent anywhere?


Ernie Potts:

I'll vouch, does look like RG


Zoe Yates here, alive and well, yeah Marc looks like Richard Gere, hi Marc.


Hi Zoe,

Glad you made it through the tough times and are alive and well! marccarpinelli@yahoo.com

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