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Trial and Error

Shooting Green: Current TV Seeks Eco-Friendly Videos

August 27, 2007 10:45 AM

Last week, I visited my parents in Austin, Texas.

Yes, it was Texas and all that the name of the state implies, but it’s Austin, which is not like the rest of Texas. So I was shocked to learn that their town recycles only glass bottles. Not cardboard, not aluminum, not envelopes or white paper, not the plastic containers blueberries or strawberries come in and certainly not plastic bags, as we do here in San Francisco.

OK, so I live in California and it’s a little bit of La La Land. Still, the lack of recycling there and in other notable places, like Las Vegas and to some degree New York City, reminds me how far we have to go.

So that’s why I want to give props today to Current TV, which recently introduced an online video contest in partnership with the Alliance for Climate Protection at www.current.tv/ecospotcontest.

The purpose is to create “very short video messages that will drive your friends, community or government to get involved in solving the climate crisis....”

So all you video auteurs out there should take a look at the guidelines for “Ecospot” and start shooting. Flood Current TV with entries! You’ll get something out of it—the grand prize is a Toyota Hybrid Highlander.

Credit given where credit’s due: I first learned of this contest on NewTeevee.com.


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