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Trial and Error

The Latest Prez Contender

August 15, 2007 10:19 AM

The 2008 presidential election has already become known as the campaign that will be waged on the Internet, with online video a key weapon.

So it’s no surprise to find software mogul Ray Hopewood’s extensive online repertoire at rayhopewood.com, blog.rayhopewood.com, facebook (search for him), http://www.myspace.com/rayhopewood and flickr.com/people/rayhopewood/.

To get a better sense of his platform, check out some of the short video clips on his page at www.bigfix.com/rayhopewood. (You’ll find the clips under “top stories” and while some are repeats, click through on all the links and you’ll find about four videos)

Here’s a summary:

On unemployment: “When I’m president if you’re not working, you’re fired.”

On the environment: “I’m all for the ecology aspect of everyone’s concerns.”

On Taxes: “Last year I made $117 million and had to pay over $24,000 in taxes, so I’m feeling it just like the rest of you.”

OK, you want the truth? The Ray Hopewood campaign was actually concocted for Big Fix technology company by online advertising agency Rassak Experience in San Francisco.

Pretty clever example of viral marketing, isn’t it?


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