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Trial and Error

ABC’s Albert Cheng Talks About ABC on AOL

September 20, 2007 11:00 AM

ABC struck a deal today to offer its prime-time shows on AOL, the network’s first pact to distribute its shows outside of the iTunes or ABC.com ecosystem.

A condition of the deal was that AOL use the ABC.com player on its portal.

ABC’s Albert Cheng, executive VP of digital media for Disney-ABC Television Group, explained why to TelevisionWeek.

“The reason why we talk about the quality is the quality drives our ability to monetize and establish a good economic model,” he said. “We know the experience (the player) is helping people consume more video. They are sitting through the whole episode and on top of that, the ad recall is high.

“The people who go to AOL now have the chance to experience our stuff and experience it in the same way,” Mr. Cheng added. “We bring a consistency and (the player) was a condition of the deal.”

ABC is betting on its player because the network has delivered 140 million episode starts of its shows on ABC.com since it began streaming them a year ago. Ad recall for the shows on the player is better than 70 percent.

So I popped over to AOL Video this morning to check out the new addition. The ABC shows are promoted nicely with an “ABC on AOL” tab, although in my opinion the tab could be bigger and more attention-getting. Once there, the first shows listed were episodes of daytime series “Edge of Night.” Whoa, when was that last on? However, ABC’s current shows are promoted on the right side of the page. So I clicked on “Grey’s Anatomy”—of course—and boom, the ABC player opened right up and worked painlessly, just like it does on ABC.com.

ABC's video player


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AOL- is a big corporate monolith that does not have the guts to expose the public to the many videos showing the unwanted US marines treating civilians with utter disrespect.

Write something of substance instead of on ephemeral and dull series like Grey's shit anatomy.

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