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Trial and Error

Last Night’s Double Booking

September 28, 2007 10:03 AM

I know you’re all wondering how the DVR double booking quandary worked out.

Well, I am pleased to report that technology won out! Everything worked. My DVR recorded two shows properly at the same time. I watched “Grey’s Anatomy” on a 15-minute delay.

Then I just went wild. I know this sounds crazy, I know it was a Thursday night. But yes, I made popcorn and watched another 44 minutes of TV on my DVR—“The Office.”

But in the interests of representing all the people out there who don’t have dual tuner DVRs or whose DVRs might have suffered from performance anxiety, I went online this morning to see if I could watch those shows on the Web. I started with NBC.com. The site is a little busy, but I was able to find the link to watch full episodes with relative ease and “The Office” was right there in the crew. It loaded quickly and played easily.

As for “Grey’s Anatomy,” the ABC.com site asked me to install a new plug-in to play the show. That took all of two seconds, but when I returned to the player nothing happened for a few minutes, so I had to close out and relaunch ABC.com. The episode loaded finally and I decided to watch the final scene, but every time I clicked on that segment, both an ad and the “previously on Grey’s Anatomy” recap played over and over. When I tried to scroll across to the final minute, the site kept booting me back to a commercial.



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