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Trial and Error

Obama Girl Shakes It for the Troops

September 24, 2007 9:39 AM

Obama Girl is back, and this time she’s singing and strutting in support of the troops serving overseas.

This latest video has all the trademarks that have made Obama Girl an Internet video star, like, um, an oiled-up body, cut abs and go-go boots. But the clip also is a chance for women to give a shoutout to their boyfriends serving overseas.

On the other side of breasts, Comcast and Lifetime launched their October breast cancer initiative today. The effort includes for the first time “Breast Cancer Hope,” a video-on-demand and online project that offers information on the disease. Other partners include the Style Network, Discovery Health Channel and Exercise TV.

Comcast VOD customers can access 40 programs in five topical areas starting this week and running through October. Much of the information will also be available on www.comcast.net/breastcancer.


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