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Trial and Error

Testing CBS Shows on AOL

September 14, 2007 10:16 AM

Remember when CBS’s Quincy Smith referred to innertube as CBS.com/nobodycomeshere?

So the network started its “CBS Interactive Network” to distribute its shows across portals like AOL and Joost.

According to an email notice from AOL, the CBS shows are now available on http://video.aol.com/. So I hopped on over to that URL this morning to check it out. Here’s the one problem – the network shows aren’t heavily promoted on the home page. But if you just type the term “CBS” into the search box at the top of the page, it’ll whisk you right to the CBS content. Wow, what a wild concept, I know. Video search that actually works. Who woulda thought?

So that brought me to a page with a list of CBS shows on AOL, such as “CSI,” “Jericho” and “Survivor” as well as soaps like “As the World Turns” and “Guiding Light.” I went a little retro and fired up “As the World Turns.” But before I could get sucked into a world of intrigue, deception and illicit love I skipped back to the main list of shows and checked out “How I Met Your Mother.”

Here’s what impressed me the most. The video on the site actually worked. It didn’t cough up and sputter, stalling every few seconds, like other video does.

I went back to the home page and tried a few more links. It turns out if you click on the “channels” button, you’ll see a list of all the network content on AOL Video. Still, we want it even easier. Don’t make me click so much. Don’t hide stuff. Tell me right away that you have network content.


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