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Trial and Error

It’s That Time of the Year at Lifetime

October 5, 2007 9:00 AM

It’s October, so it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

As Lifetime does every year, the network has unleashed a host of public service initiatives, including a range of new digital ones.

That includes a mini Web site that features a series of celebrity videos from stars talking about what it means to support each other.

From a purely Trial & Error standpoint, the site is simple and easy. I especially liked how the videos flowed through from one to the next, because frankly, I wouldn’t think to click on each one in this case. That’s a smart technical solution by Lifetime, because I doubt most consumers would choose to play each one individually. But having them play automatically once you start works quite well. Especially touching and cool was the video of Whoopi Goldberg and her agent, Cara Stein, a breast cancer survivor.

The goal of the campaign is to encourage more women and men to become part of a support system to promote early detection, donate to or volunteer for local charities and offer hope and friendship to those facing breast cancer, Lifetime says.


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