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One Year Later: How Google Wants to Make Money With YouTube

October 11, 2007 10:02 AM

In case you were wondering how the heck Google was going to monetize YouTube, the answer—one year after the purchase—is that it will use AdSense.

Yes, at long last, the expectation that Google would loop YouTube into its massive network of Web sites has been confirmed.

Google announced earlier this week that after testing video ad units earlier this year, it’s now letting any AdSense Web site embed select YouTube videos and make money from those videos with ads.

But that’s not all. Remember when YouTube said in late summer that it would offer overlay ads on top of video from select YouTube partners? Those overlays also will run on the sanctioned YouTube videos on the AdSense Web sites.

Revenue is split three ways between Google, the content partner and the Web site.

To watch a video on how this new program works, visit.


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