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Trial and Error

SiTV’s Twist on Digital Strategies

October 30, 2007 9:30 AM

Last week Latino-centric network SiTV launched a new Web site at entertainment.sitv.com. SiTV is an English-language network tailored for young Latinos, ages 18 to 34. The network is found in about 15 million homes today.

I spoke with the network’s Lisa Black, senior VP of digital media and business development, about SiTV’s digital strategy. SiTV faces a business imperative to be hipper and cooler and more agile with new media, given the demographic it’s aiming to cater to.

The focus of the new site is social networking and content sharing. But more than that, SiTV looks to its Web sites to feed the network. “It’s definitely a launching pad for the network,” she said. She expects about 50 percent of the content for the network will come from online, while the other 50 percent is content SiTV produces, she said.

That strategy is an interesting twist on digital extensions. Most TV networks use the network to feed the Web site, but SiTV looks to the Web to feed the network.

Standout contributors to the site will have the chance to appear on-air, such as during interstitials, she said. “Depending how many views they get online, they can do interstitials and such on air,” Ms. Black said.


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