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Trial and Error

Sweet New TVGuide Is Good, But Slow

October 3, 2007 7:36 AM

So the new guide for TVGuide.com is up and running at www.video.tvguide.com. It’s supposed to make video easy to sift through on the TVGuide site.

The layout is really terrific for the new site, and somehow TVGuide has managed to stuff a ton of information into the home page and make that information easy to digest.

A handy search bar perches atop the page. Under that lie the links, complete with thumbnail images, of both full episodes and Web clips. To test the service, I searched for Patrick Dempsey. The site delivered a slew of links to episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” on ABC.com as well as a host of clips from “Access Hollywood” and red-carpet events. Most of the videos played; some didn’t.

Here’s the best part of the revamped site. The new home page contains a list of some of the most recently heard songs on popular TV shows. Now that’s handy. Because, really, how many times do you think, “I know that song! What is it called?”

But now that I am going back to look at the song list again, the site is refusing to load ... for several minutes.


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