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Trial and Error

The Next Iron Chef and 90 Blogs

October 8, 2007 8:35 AM

If you had any questions about the power of blogs as a marketing vehicle, consider this. As part of an online-driven campaign for Food Network’s reality show “The Next Iron Chef,” which premiered last night, the network ran ads on TV-centric sites like Zap2it, People.com and EW.com, as well as ads on food-centric blogs to reach food enthusiasts.

All total, the network placed ads on more than 90 food and TV-related blogs, such as tvgasm.com, laobserved.com, chocolateandzucchini.com, thetvaddict.com, dcfoodies.com, ahamburgertoday.com, cocktailchronicles.com, smellingthecoffee.com and others.


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