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Trial and Error

Hearst Goes Green Daily

November 9, 2007 9:00 AM

As part of my ongoing effort to highlight Web sites and companies with green-centric content, here is the latest effort.

Earlier this week Hearst Magazines Digital Media launched a site dubbed the Daily Green at thedailygreen.com. The site includes cool features such as how to calculate your environmental impact; a quiz to help users determine how green they want to be; and a slideshow that lists five things anyone can do to be greener, such as shopping at a farmers market, using canvas bags rather than plastic ones and reducing electricity use. The site also includes a handful of video clips, which can be found here.

The video is a little clunky at times and takes a few seconds to load.

Still, if you want to learn how to live a more sustainable life, the site will provide accessible, easily digestible and eminently doable tips.


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