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Trial and Error

NBC and YouTube—Please Get Back Together!

November 5, 2007 10:38 AM

I miss NBC being on YouTube. I really, really do.

Let me explain. I got an e-mail from a friend Sunday asking me if I had seen Feist on “Saturday Night Live” the night before.

I hadn’t. But no worries, of course. Although I didn’t DVR it, I have the Internet! So I fired a quick note back to say, “I’ll check it out on NBC.com.”

Of course I would be able to see it there, right?


I went to NBC.com and clicked on the link for “SNL,” but was able to find only a few digital shorts from the most recent episode. I tried those out, but they failed to load after five minutes.

But never fear! We have Hulu now. “SNL” should be there, right? That’s the purpose of Hulu, isn’t it? So I don’t have to go to YouTube. I scrolled through the links on Hulu and found several “SNL” digital shorts, including “Lazy Sunday,” but no Feist. I entered “SNL” in the search bar and the site returned a list of video clips. But still, no musical guest from the weekend.

So I tried a generic Google search. And all I can say is, thank God for the little people. Who needs an official channel from NBC, when we can still find what we want? Here you go:

But really, wouldn’t NBC benefit MORE from just leaving its official channel up on YouTube? I suppose the Feist performance might live somewhere on NBC.com or Hulu.com. Maybe if I looked longer I would find it. But that’s the point: Regular consumers don’t want to look longer. We want to find our video and watch our video when we want.

Speaking of, I gotta go. I have a video to watch.


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