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Trial and Error

'Best' or 'Most Viewed'? You Tell Us

December 20, 2007 8:46 AM

Video-sharing site Metacafe posted its top 10 videos of the year this week. These are videos from the site’s Producers Rewards program, which pays the top-performing producers based on views.

All of the videos on this top 10 list have received more than 1 million views. You can check them out here:

And here is the top video of the year, with more than 5 million views on Metacafe.

Matrix - For Real...Joe Eigo - These bloopers are hilarious

Now, while I am really impressed with the dude’s acrobatics, this is where I admit that I couldn’t get through the whole video. Sure, he’s interesting and talented and all that. I even tried twice to watch it. And look, maybe it’s my ADD acting up. But I didn’t really find the next three videos on the list terribly compelling either.

So you tell me: What do you think of these videos?


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