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Trial and Error

Recycled Diapers? Mommy Warriors Think Not

December 3, 2007 9:46 AM

Former talent agent Nicole Perry has set up online video shop, wrapped in a cool pink camouflage look. She and her business partner Alyssa Banko recently launched a new mom-centric video blog, www.mommywarriors.com, which not only has an ultra-cool name, but also doesn’t sugarcoat motherhood.

The site is stuffed with information, articles, mom confessions, forums, blogs and videos, including this tongue-in-cheek one making fun of a company that recycles diapers. (Yes, recycles diapers. Some things do go too far). The video is cute and features a great bit with one of the moms stuffing her bra with unused diapers. You can check it out here: http://www.mommywarriors.com/blogs/?p=1279

Other videos include Tantrum Files and

The videos are cute, but most go on a bit too long. They would be better for haggard and ADD-afflicted Web moms with 30 or 60 seconds shaved off. Still, the videos have potential and some funny moments in each.

Users can also submit their own content, including videos, photos, stories, comments and tips. The site is ad-free for now. Ms. Perry said they plan to reach out to sponsors as the audience grows. Ms. Perry previously worked as a talent agent in news and reality programming with stints at Ken Lindner and Associates and Abrams, Rubaloff & Lawrence.


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