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Trial and Error

You Need to Know This Band

December 28, 2007 9:28 AM

So for your final Friday Fun Video of 2007, I’m going to offer you a little something extra. That’s right – today you’ll get not just video, but music.

(Actually, truth be told, the music is what you really want. The video isn’t that great. But since this is a video-centric blog, I need to drop in a video to justify writing about music).

Here’s the band you need to know. They’re called Black Kids and their four-song EP “Wizard of Ahhhs” is free for downloading at http://blackkidsmusic.com/. They’re totally cool and they’re going to be big.

Oh, and here’s a video for their song “I’ve Underestimated My Charm:”

But go download the EP. Like now. And have a happy new year.


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Andy S.:

You never answered my question about whether you actually liked the Radiohead album you chose to pay ten dollars for. Until you do, I can't in good conscience take your advice on this band.;~)

Daisy Whitney:

Yes I loved the new Radiohead album and it's been critically well received. NYT ranked it as #1 album of the year. Personally, I'd have put Neon Bible as #1. But I think In Rainbows is very good and definitely in the top 5 of the year and well worth the $10. So go buy it! And guess what -- you don't have to pay anything for Black Kids.

Andy S.:

Thanks, Daisy, and Happy New Year!


Sorry, but the video is a lot more interesting to me than the song. ::yawn::

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