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Trial and Error

Lost in Eight Minutes, 15 Seconds

January 2, 2008 9:27 AM

I’ve never seen an episode of “Lost.”

But now I kinda feel like I can tune in on Jan. 31 and be totally up to speed. ABC.com created an eight minute and 15 second video that summarizes everything that has happened in the first three seasons. (Oh, and now thanks to the video I even know it was flight Oceanic 815 that crashed.)

What’s interesting as a non-viewer is how entertaining the video actually is. And this from a person who didn’t know a single thing about the show except there are some people called “the others” and that there’s a lot of sexual tension between these two characters called Kate and Sawyer.

But now, well now I know about Jack’s future pill addiction and Sun’s pregnancy and Locke’s knife-throwing abilities and lots more.

Anyway, even if you don’t plan on tuning into the return of the show, check out the video. It’s just funny to hear and see three seasons summed up so matter of factly.

The clip is on the home page of ABC.com.


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The Lost recap borrows the style of the very fresh 7 Minute Sopranos idea which hit YouTube in Jan of last year.

The Lost version does the trick. 7 Minute Sopranos is classic.

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