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Trial and Error

Pregnant Dads!

January 4, 2008 10:25 AM

Arnold Schwarzenegger really did it best in the 1994 flick “Junior.”

He made the whole idea of being a pregnant man kinda funny. So as I’m watching this online video show “DadLabs”, I have to admit I just don’t find it quite as amusing when a regular dude dons a pregnancy pillow.

But others evidently do. Because “DadLabs” is picking up steam and snagging advertisers. The show is billed as an “edgy, fun and informative show for fathers and the women who tolerate/love them.”

So listen, pregnant guys and dad issues aren’t my cup of tea. But I’ve got to give it up to these enterprising dads because they’ve already scored ad deals with major brands like Bjorn and Graco. Go daddy.

The show is produced in Austin with a staff of five. The producing partner is For Your Imagination. The site layout is sharp and the video player from Viddler works great.


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Hello Daisy! Thanks for writing about DadLabs. The DadLabs dads work really hard on presenting issues that matter to dads in the real voice of the dad. And are excited about pushing the envelope of dad content with their four shows a week! Thanks again!

J. Henkel:

DadLabs is a great show for those who haven't checked in out. A great resource for dads (and non-dads). Thanks for the write up.

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