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Trial and Error

The Show Must Go On: Gary Vaynerchuk’s WineLibraryTV to Continue

January 25, 2008 11:00 AM

Whew! Gary Vaynerchuk was just teasing Wednesday when he said in episode 392 of WineLibraryTV (http://tv.winelibrary.com/) that he was only producing seven more episodes of the hyper-popular daily online Web show about wine.

At the end of Wednesday’s episode he said there would be only seven more. But I noticed on my Facebook page that he’d joined a new group, “Keep Wine Library TV Going.” See, I could be a detective. Because that was my clue. Why would he join a group to save his show? After all, he has the singular power to save his show.

So I e-mailed him and asked point-blank if the show was ending. And Vayniacs of the world can breathe a sigh of relief.

“It is not ending,” he wrote. “It’s my random mind doing things, just getting the Vayniacs excited and me excited :) it’s awesome. I adore them!”


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