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Trial and Error

Zucker Admires British Pilot System

January 29, 2008 10:30 AM

Look across the pond.

That’s what NBC may be doing with its new approach to pilots.

NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker talked at NATPE this morning about his new mandate to radically reduce pilot production at NBC and to rely on a model of ordering series direct-to-air, the way it’s done in Britain.

“We will do fewer and order series straight to air. Or like in Britain, where there are no pilots and we keep ordering their shows,” he said.


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Wait, copying the British system of ordering shows without pilots is entirely different than just ripping off British shows. Which is he planning on doing?

It seems like they've (the industry, not just Zucker) been utilizing the British system in theory for a while now. Short episode runs (see shows on USA, Sci-Fi, and FX). Sporadic orders of episodes. Seasonal airings (see American Idol, Lost, and 24). And they rarely repeat anything these days.

Speaking of ripoffs of British television, where's that "adaptation" of The IT Crowd?

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