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Trial and Error

FIT to Be Tried

February 21, 2008 6:00 AM

Want to know how to get your advertisers to renew their online video buys?

Do what Crackle.com did.

Crackle says aspiring filmmaker John Kramer, who won $15,000 in a Crackle.com short-film contest, was intrigued by the Honda FIT car he saw advertised on the site's Shorts Channel on the site.

So he took the car for a test drive and used his winnings to purchase one. Then, he went on to make a testimonial video about buying the car:

From Crackle: A FIT PRIZE

Good for John, right?

There’s more. When Honda saw the testimonial video, it extended its ad commitment to the site, Crackle said.

So the way I see it is either John was a “plant,” designed to help the video site snag ad dollars, or the he's greatest example of the power of consumer love for brands.

Crackle.com said it has some of the highest click-through rates on the Web, averaging 1.55% for video advertising.


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That's too good to be true.

It's completely true. I was about to buy a new car when my film won CRACKLE's contest. I had never heard of the HONDA FIT until I saw the ads running for it alongside my film. I did some further research on the car at Consumer Reports and Edmunds.com, both of which raved about the car. So I bought one.

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