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Trial and Error

Wailing on Winehouse at Lifetime.com

February 7, 2008 10:23 AM

Look, it’s not like I have aspirations to own a hair salon. I don’t. I’m notoriously bad at styling my own hair.

Still, when Lifetime announced Wednesday that its online game “Sally’s Salon” was one of the top-selling games on RealGames last year, especially because Lifetime delivered more than 300,000 downloads of that game on the first month it was posted at www.mylifetime.com, I decided to check it out.

But I couldn’t find the game on the site. (Maybe that’s karma telling me to stay away from even virtual hair-cutting.)

However, I did stumble across a little game to rate the Grammy nominees. I had some fun, as did others evidently, giving several big thumbs-down to Amy Winehouse. You can try it here:



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