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Trial and Error

Wannabe Musicians Woozy Over Site

February 20, 2008 10:40 AM

In my New Media Minute this week, I talked about new developments in music and live online concerts.

But I forgot to tell you about a site called WoozyFly, which, besides having the coolest name, is another venue for emerging artists to showcase their videos and perform live online, in studio and in concert.

WoozyFly also produces original music shows, including “The Set at JSM” and “Live at the Loft.” You can find links to those on the left-hand side of the page.

On the FAQ page, here’s what the site says about bands that want to get on those original shows: “Sign up, log in and submit a video to us and we will have our A&R group evaluate the video and help connect fans to your band.”

Maybe I’ll dust off my old six-string later today, load up Garage Band and submit some tunes to WoozyFly. Now, if the site would just STOP playing videos automatically when you land there. I just don’t want my boss to know I’m trying to be a rock star…


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Um, what "boss" would that be? Your dog or one of your kids? ;-)

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