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Trial and Error

You Scratch My Back, Rhett, Link, iJustine, Gary and Andy Will Scratch Yours

February 19, 2008 10:20 AM

The video blogging world has been built on love—link love. You embed my video, I’ll embed yours. You comment on my site, I’ll comment on yours.

But lately we’re seeing the love go deeper. A number of video bloggers are “appearing” in other video blogs. One of the first examples of this was an appearance by technology blogger extraordinaire iJustine in a Black20 video. Now she’s got a starring role in the latest music video from online comedy duo Rhett and Link. (Yes, by now you all know I love their work!)

Also, wine expert Gary Vaynerchuk of www.winelibrary.tv has appeared on Andy Plesser’s www.Beet.tv in recent days.

I love these loose cross-promotions because they embrace what the video blogging world is all about—word of mouth, viral marketing and the power of the people to push up a video’s views.

Plus, the latest Rhett and Link video also recognizes the power of the viewers. The idea for the video originated from a fan. That’s right: Under the pair’s “Submit a song idea” program on their site www.rhettandlink.com, a fan from Canada urged the two to produce a video on what to do with a dead iPod.

So they wrote a music video. And, since video blogging is their job after all, they decided to see if they could find a sponsor for the video to underwrite their costs of production. They quickly did: a company called www.iResq.com that services iPods.

“They covered some of our upfront costs, and will also pay us based on how successful the video becomes (CPM),” Link told TVWeek via email. “And it was actually their idea to send us a box full of iPods to use in the video.”

So here is the video.

And here’s one of my favorite video bloggers, Andy Plesser, swishing wine like mouthwash with Gary Vaynerchuk.

All you need is love, a sponsor, an iPod, some wine, some embed code…


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