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Trial and Error

I Don’t Have an Apple

March 11, 2008 10:58 AM

Everyone here has an Apple.

Everyone here has an iPhone.

Everyone here has a tiny little camera.

I am here at the South by Southwest Interactive Conference with my PC, with my Blackberry and a big old-school camera for shooting. Shhh…

But, ha, I have my own cameraman! And he doesn’t even wear fingerless gloves.

I am kicking it old school at SXSW.

I am wearing a hoodie and Chuck Taylors today, though. So they all think I fit in, you know.


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Bill Ritchotte:

wow, you're so cool, you refuse to get an Apple. What a rebel.


you are a poser. i betcha u are 40 sportin that hoodie. buy a mac.

FYI: Chuck Taylors are Nikes. They were bought out.
Pay no attention to the haters behind the curtain.

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