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Trial and Error

I Have a Secret: It’s Called ‘Internet Superstar’

March 13, 2008 11:20 AM

So I was flying down to SXSW in Austin on Sunday, enjoying my “smart rite” snack pack, or something like that on United. You know, it’s the one with the can of tuna and a baby-size jar of hummus. Anyway, as much as I wanted to watch “Becoming Jane,” the film the flight was showing, I decided to be a good girl and exercise restraint. Because, really, don’t you think my husband will want to watch James McAvoy with me?

Anyway, I broke out my iPod, which I had pre-loaded with episodes of Revision3’s new show “Internet Superstar.” I hadn’t watched it before, but I liked the idea—it’s all about who’s making it on the Net. So I fired up that bad boy and watched both the 30-minute version of the talk show and also several of the mini three-minute versions of the show.

I was digging it. I like Martin Sargent. He’s pretty bleeping funny. I kind of felt like I had a little secret there on the plane, like I knew something the others didn’t.

Then I realized I don’t want this to be a secret! I want other people on airplanes to watch this show, too. So share my secret:



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