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Trial and Error

MobiTV Poll Shows Youth Favors Obama

March 10, 2008 8:38 AM

MobiTV viewers are still digging Barack Obama more than Hillary Clinton, according to the latest MobiTV poll. But the poll results run from Feb. 13 to March 6, concluding just two days after the big Texas and Ohio primaries that Clinton won, so results may shift if she picks up more momentum.

MobiTV is a mobile video carrier, so its users skew young. And they favor Obama quite a bit.

The poll results said 64% of MobiTV viewers think Obama is the best Democratic candidate while 36% think Clinton is. That’s a change from late February, when 58% favored Obama and 42% favored Clinton.

Here are the rest of the results from the Feb. 13-March 6 MobiTV Decision '08 channel.

Who is the best Republican candidate? Huckabee 13%, McCain 87%.  

Whose endorsement is more important? Arnold Schwarzenegger 48%, Oprah Winfrey 52%.  

Which issue is more important? Iraq 50%, Economy 50%.  

Which issue is more important? Economy  80%, Health Care 20%.  

Which issue is more important? Iraq 38%, Health Care 62%.


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