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Trial and Error

TitlePage and Mania on Books and Bock

March 6, 2008 11:01 AM

Publishing has never been the fastest business.

Nor has it been the quickest industry to adapt to Web video. But we’re starting to see publishers try their hand at using online video to market their books. And we’re also seeing online TV shows—not connected to publishing houses—crop up about books.

The newest example is Titlepage.tv, which launched this week.

The centerpiece of the site is this week’s roundtable interview with authors Richard Price, Charles Bock, Susan Choi and Colin Harrison. Former Random House Editor Daniel Menaker hosts the show, which is sort of PBS meets C-SPAN meets the Web.

It’s nearly an hour, which is WAY long for online. But what I like about Titlepage is that if you can’t sit through the full show, you can easily skip to different sections with different authors, courtesy of Viddler’s technology.

New episodes will post every other week. Titlepage expects to run six episodes and then likely will resume in the fall, Mr. Menaker said.

“We feel with all the potential for exchange online, and interactivity with downloading and podcasting a book, that a good interesting conversation show about books works especially because it can be chapterized,” he said. “There are about 1 million really serious active readers. It’s those kinds of passionate readers who want to see the writers they read, see what their personalities are like.”

ManiaTV.com also covers books from time to time. ManiaTV host Dave Navarro also recently interviewed Mr. Bock, right here.

Here’s the Titlepage episode.


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