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Trial and Error

Christina Is Samantha

April 17, 2008 6:00 AM

Did you ever see Christina Aguilera do Samantha on "Sex and the City"?

OK, so it’s Saturday night and nothing’s on, so we come across an old episode of “SNL” on E! Christina Aguilera was the host back in 2004 and she played Samantha in this sketch imagining the final episode of “Sex and the City.”

We watched it several times, and then I decided it was so funny it had to be on the Internet somewhere, someplace, even though the episode first aired well before the YouTube revolution. And vive la Internet, because we found it on AOL Video.

This is the best video ever and the best impersonation of anyone I have ever seen. Christina is Samantha.


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That was very good. When she first spoke, I thought they were dubbing the voice. Spot on.


Wow, Christina was awesome!

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