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Trial and Error

Helping PopSiren Girls Beat the Digg Boys

April 24, 2008 10:26 AM

I’m big into girl power. So when the hosts of Revision3’s “popSiren” asked me—yes, me, I know they were talking to me—last night on a recent episode to go to Adagio Teas and buy their blends so they could beat the “Diggnation” boys in tea sales, I was all over that.

So I bought some Dr. Kiki’s blend called “Tea-Pothesis.”

Look, you can all give me a hard time and say I’m a victim of marketing, since Adagio Teas is a sponsor of “popSiren,” but I already drink tea. Like 10 cups a day! So there…

Anyway, here’s the link if you’re similarly inclined to boost the tea sales for the popSiren gals: http://www.adagio.com/popsiren/

(See that 30-sale marker? It was 29 for Dr. Kiki before my purchase. Man, am I making a difference in the world!)

Oh, and here’s their cool show.


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Comments (3)

I've been meaning to order some tea from them. Looks like this gives me another reason to do so.

Daisy, you are fabulous! Love it. Thanks for trying my tea. I really did try to make it the most scientifically supported tea possible. Good for your health with every cup.

Now, let's see if us girls can beat those boys. Drink more tea! Go, PopSiren, go!

Dr. Kiki rocks! Loved her segment on speakah and headphone technology. I don't drink much tea, but maybe I'll order some just to support the grrls.

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