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Trial and Error

Hot Male Web Hosts Gone Wild!

April 29, 2008 9:11 AM

Due to the supreme level of audience demand, I have opened a wild-card slot in the New Media Minute-TVWeek Tournament for the Hottest Male Web Host.

That’s right, folks. ONE wild-card slot for a write-in candidate.

To refresh you on how the rules work, we currently have 16 contestants divided into eight pairings of head-to-head battles in this first round. By Friday, the eight winners will move on to the second round. We will add one more contestant in the wild-card slot to make nine in the final round.

So far, David Price of Black20 is leading for the wild-card spot. His benefactors at Black20 submitted his name as a write-in candidate on Monday morning. I promptly responded that if I received at least 25 comments right here on this blog that I would strongly consider him as a write-in/wild-card candidate. And you know what? Those scrappy dudes at Black20 posted a note in their forum, rallied the troops and provided the aforementioned 25 comments.

After I watched this video of David Price in his Speedo, I can see why he would qualify. (And remember, folks, I am an expert on objectifying male Web hosts.)

But in the interest of fairness, we’ll need to open this wild-card slot to the whole wide world. So here are the rules. The write-in candidate with the most comments on his behalf on this blog post will be added to the final round of voting.

The other candidates are listed below, so please keep voting. And remember, I’m not the only one doing this. Here’s a contest for sexiest weather girls.


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Comments (68)

Tom S.:

So now that I have helped to get David Price into the contest. I am officially voting for Dave!!!

Lou G:

My vote goes to Speedowalker Dave Price!

Daisy Whitney:

Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves. The wild card slot will be awarded to the candidate with the MOST write-in votes at the end of the week. And it's only Tuesday!


Dave Price from the middle show is the de-facto host of any web talk show. he gets my vote for sexiest and most talented.


I vote for Dave Price from the Middle Show!


Wait, how does this wild card work in the tournament style? Does he get a bye until the finals? Can there be only one wild card? Because I totally spaced and forgot to nominate Paul "Fitzy" Fitsgerald from Townienews.com. He hosts the Wicked Pissah Webcast, and has also appeared on ESPN before Monday Night Football. Can you let him know that he's been nominated so he can muster his fans to help out?



Rock the vote for Dave Price!


Go Dave! You have my vote!



Here's how the wild card works. It's designed to give an opportunity for candidates who weren't selected by the panel of judges in the first round. So based on the number of write-in votes (as determined by the comments for a candidate posted here on this blog) we will allot one wild card spot for the final round. That means the eight initial winners of the first round will move on and a wild card will be added, making 9 candidates in the final round. There is only one wild card. And if you are "nominating" someone who is a legitimate Web show host, feel free to let that person know you are rallying write-in votes on his behalf and then have them come here and add comments.
Any questions email me at daisywhitney@comcast.net


My write in vote is for David Price! He's winning this.


David deserves to win this, his charisma and overall hotness is unmatched. You have my vote.


I've always had low opinion about "who's the hottest here" polls... Because... why should I feed someone's narcistic self esteem, will anyone vote for me as the hotest person in return?
It's just another way to stuff people's brains with the dull stereotype that ugly people are worse than the pretty ones, which is crap.
Never the less, I'd like to place my vote for Dave Price here, not because of his being or not hot, because it doesn't determine his personality, but because his Middle Show clips are witty and with come from the Black20.com website that provides a doze of fine humour daily :P


i am currently writing in my vote for David Price.

El Dimo:

My vote for the Wild card can only go to Dave Price.


David Price is the one and only wild card!

Rob A:

My vote goes to Dave Price! Best host this side of the net!


Yeah I'm going to have to go with Dave Price. He's da bomb!!!

The Actual Shane:

David Z Price commands my vote. His will be a wild-card story for the ages--victory is nearly assured. Keep voting for David Price, people. The truth always lies somewhere in THE MIDDLE SHOW! WHOOAAAAA!

Now I'm glad I posted the link for the speedo walk in the last post. So you could see the sexiness and comedic genius that is David Price in Black20's "The Middle Show." It's the least I could do to share the eye candy that is David Price with the world.

Of course, my vote also goes to David for the wild card spot. Thanks for the consideration.


The Truth ALWAYS Lies Somewhere in The Middle Show.
I vote for wildcard David Price, he is dreamy.

David Price, the one and only Ruler of The Middle Show has got my vote!


I'm voting for David Price


My official and unofficial votes go to Dave Price. How many times can I vote? rofl

Kristy :

Dave Price just has to win this. Look at all the Black20 support. Can't we win on his behalf? I mean we are all already MADE of win! Make it official. C'mon you know you want to!


David Price yo, he's our boy.


I vote for Dave Price. He's gellin'

Keith Tromiczak:

Wildcard: David Price.
Maybe when he wins this, he'll be able to book the interview with Julia Stiles he's been trying to get.


My Wildcard vote goes to the Wildman himself David Z. Price. I Mean how can you not vote for him. He is the man, and everybody in the whole world probably watches his show. Atleast you will now. BOOYAH

The Body:

My WC vote is for DP (David Price) I mean if I wasn't married, I would totally try to get with him. He is the sexiest guy in the worl much less the world wide web. If my husband farts one more time that is it. I will move to NYC in search of him, and make him my own.

Chiara Rotondo:

Dave Price should get everyone's vote---You rock Dave!!! Wooohooo!!!
He's cute, sexy, crazy, smart, and sooo funny!! VOTE FOR DAVE PRICE!!

enrique arevalo:

i will vote for dave price he is the best

Alex D.:

David Price. Obviously.


Dave Price is wild and a card so it's only natural that I vote for DP as the wild card.


i would say the underdog is going to win. but Dave can't be considered an underdog. only the winner that isnt recognized yet. DAVE PRICE FTW!!!!

cool dude 101:

David Price for the win!!! He's the best host on the world wide web. guaranteed


Wild card winner - Dave Price aka Dave Cost aka White boy with some groove in him.




David Price is my pick for the wild card!


once again... dave price


Dave Price yo

David Price should absolutely be the wild card. David Price is wild.


If you've seen "A Date With Dave Price" on Black20.com, you know that there is NO CONTEST. DAVE PRICE wins hands down! Make it happen.

Gordon Holey:

David Price by far . . . sexy as hell. I'm not a gay man, but if I were, I'd be all up in his junk. Hey ladies, just to let you know, I got to make out with him . . . several times. I should get the vote for luckiest fan of David Price

GO DZP!!!!



David Price, at any cost.


woohoo-price is da bomb

sarah g:

David Price--one word: HOT!


David Price has got to win this contest. Not only is he good looking, his show is fuunnnyyy!


David Price!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jake C.:

I vote for David Price. The bossomeness is too much to handle.

Claire K:

David Price.
I mean really, have you seen him?


Dave Price for the Wild Card!!


The (dave) PRICE is RIGHT!


Senior Price or he send me back he call INS

Tim K:

David Price FTW...there's no better man on the street than D to the P...

Caitlin L.:

make mine David price!


none of these guys are even remotely sexy... how was dave price left off the list to begin with... DP for wild card


The President/Thermal Man a.k.a DAVID PRICE


My Vote goes to:
David Price _ Speedo Walker extrodinaire


I vote for David Price: the greatest host of a late night talk show that airs during the day.

Elspeth :

my vote is for David Price of Black20!!!! i love you!!!

Current Peace-Belt Holder:

I'm with The Body on this one...if her husband farts one more time we're going to make a killing on alternative fuels.

Otherwise, I'm voting Davin Price of THE black20.com cause I know he's going to share the prize money from this contest with all his fans!


dave price MUST be in this contest. he is by far the funniest guy on the web, and what is sexier than a good sense of humor!?!


David Price gets my vote! He is by far the greatest Internet personality to ever exist...as well as the sexiest.

Bree Darrow:

Patrick Norton, b/c he's a big burly guy w/sledgehammer who loves cats, beat alcoholism, gets on well with his female cohosts and is confident enough to wear a kilt on-air.... :)

Missy M:

David Price deserves to win this like nobody's business. He has so many great quality's that make to show worth watching. For instance, he LOVES Dora the explorer, will do ANYTHING for a laugh, and has the guts to do the soulja boy dance in front of god and everyone. My vote will forever and always go to Mr. David Price.

Missy M:

the* And.... DAVID PRICE FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dave Price For Pres!!!!

Fins 'n Scales:

It doesn't matter who the other rejects are. David Price is going to win this.

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