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Trial and Error

Hot or Not: Who Is the Sexiest Male Web Host?

April 25, 2008 1:12 PM

I have always believed in equal opportunity objectification of the sexes, so I am hosting the first annual New Media Minute-TVWeek.com tournament for the Hottest Male Web Host. This tournament is Sweet 16 style, with head-to-head competition in eight initial pairings. Vote now in the first round, which ends Friday May 2. After that we'll start the next round of battles as we march forward to crowning the first ever New Media Minute-TVWeek Hottest Male Web Host! Here are the categories:


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Hey, how about some links to these guys so we can actually watch them and see for whom we'd like to vote. You don't expect us to Google them all, do you? ;-)

Actually, my favorite Pop Culture host is Michael Buckley, host of What the Buck?!

Daisy Whitney:

Ask and it shall be given to you Bryan! Watch and vote!

Can I vote for Slim Pickens? :-)

Daisy Whitney:

Yeah, submit him as a write-in vote, Richard!!

Love it. Okay, does anyone else find it disturbing that only men are commenting? Big :-). Will the winner be presented a new media minute Man of the year award?

Daisy Whitney:

Hi Yin!

Funny point you make! I am thinking of maybe a little Lucite plaque. What do you think?



Daisy! Where's the love for David Price! He holds it down for Black20.com on the Middle Show, is a great dancer, and pretty decent looking.

Lou G:

I would like to nominate David Price, host of Black20.com's The Middle Show. He is much more handsome and generally sexier than anyone on this list.

See the link below.



what the heck? No David Price?

Show the Middle Show some love... please!

Mike C:

It's a travesty that David Price from the Middle Show isn't on this list. David Price = Sexy


Seriously - where's David Price??? He got an interview with Stan Lee for crying out loud!


It is a major oversight that Dave Price, host of Black20's Middle Show, is not in the running. When it comes to the hottest male web host, David Price takes the cake.

Sheri K.:

Middle Show's David Price really needs to be on this list.


After finding most of the above internet shows unwatachable, I checked out "The Middle Show" with David Price. I found the show and host really enjoyable. Thanks to those for the mention, it brought the show and Black 20 to my attention. I definately found the quality enjoyable and watachable. Because the bulk of internet tv that I have seen is pollution.

Master P:

It is a huge travesty of justice that David Price is missing from the voting list. Dave is the BEST of the lot. His work on Black20 puts him in the higher echelon of broadcasters. And besides, he's hysterically funny, superbly natural, and devastatingly gorgeous.


Black 20's The Middle Show is sadly missing from the choices! Who missed the boat in failing to include Dave Price? He's a real winner. Clever, cute, and cutting edge. WE WANT DAVE!

killer quib:

Holy Christ!!! Why isnt Dave Price from black20's middle show on this list. Has anyone seen his coverage of this years comiccon. He's friggen amazing in it. He's definetly on par with all the major talk show host on late night tv. This is a damn shame.

Laura Crane:

Seriously - by far the hottest web host on the net is Dave Price from Black20.com's "The Middle Show." These other guys pale in comparison to his quick wit, ingenuity and raw sex appeal. No this isn't his wife and he didn't pay me to say this. I just call em' like I see em'


Two words - Dave Price. Totally handsome and funny as hell!

Shawn Chittle:

Bob Barker says: The David Price Is Right. Come on down! Oh wait he's not listed here. Wha?


are you kidding me??????? david price = priceless. he must be added to the list!!!


I have to agree with a lot of the posts from above. David Price from the Middle Show is hilarious, Sexy (For the ladies), and all around probably the greatest host on the web. I mean seriously...if you have not checked him out, go to Black20.com and do so. You will be hooked. He is fun, funny, entertaining, and definitely sexy.


First Name: Dave, Last Name Price....you know from Black20.com. He's a hottie. Much better than most of these clowns, but if Leo LaPorte were to grow a beard... funny things may happen down there.

Bill Clay:

I would vote for Black20's own Dave Price, but he's not up here. Those boyish looks, that slender frame, what else could you possibly want?


I was ummm...looking for David Price, host of the "Middle Show" and I didn't see him on this page and I assumed I must have a blind spot that prevented me from seeing his name, but all of my friends seemed to be unable to see his name as well so I can only assume it is a glitch in the site. Please fix this. Thank you.


Black 20's David Price is total web eye candy...he belongs at the top of this list!



David Z. Price. nuff said, he is by far the most entertaining host in the interwebs.


I would like to nominate David Price host of Black 20's Middle Show. He is utterly amazing and he can dance circles around anybody. He is for sure the best looking guy on the web.


David Price has so much more talent, creativity, and charisma than any other Web host I have seen.


Nobody on that list comes close to the phenomenon that is David Price. Why don't I see his name on the list ?
Fix this.


You're Kidding right? No David Price. The Middle Show is the best online show around, and he is by far the sexiest. His body, his face, his carissma, his dancing, his singing, his all around hottness is completely Bossome (Boss and Awesome...For those of you who don't watch the Middle Show). These other guys couldn't hold DP's microphone.


I also was wondering why Mr. Price isn't on this list... When it comes to internet hosts, I know for a fact that David Price captures the hearts of women of all ages and cultures. My twenty-something girlfriend finds him adorable, and so does my bud's mom.


Darrick Harris:

no doubt, David Price from Black 20's Middle Show has to be added to your list. i think he's funny, but all the women i know think he is hot and funny- smokin' hot


oh my God. what's up with your list.? David Price!
for sure he is crazy/sexy/funny/cool.
and if you don't watch the Middle Show you are missing alotta hotness.


They are all great, but where David Price from the middle. He has such a youthful charisma about him

Wonderful Like Bacon:

Congratulations on trying to hold a contest for the sexiest male web host. Unfortunately you forgot to include David Z Price, and now the entire universe is pissed at you. I am part of the entire universe.

There's still time for you to remedy this terrible, terrible oversight...


i'm going to have to agree that david price needs to be in this competition. i am refusing to vote until D Price is in the running for the internet to decide upon. who overlooked that one anyway?


Hey! All you DP fans! Come back tomorrow for an update...

Excited to see my man GaryVee on here... but where is Dave Price? Easily the funniest, and obviously the sexiest, old guy I know.

I'd like to see David Price of "The Middle Show" on this list. I've been following the show for months and it is hilarious!


Honestly, it's pretty dumb that David Price isn't on this list. It's definitively the best show of the shows listed. And if you don't believe that, watch them all.

Jeffrey Sobell:

I'm not voting, don't see David Price anywhere so it's clearly not a comprehensive list


Ok who died and didn't make David Price from Black20.com not apart of this ??? C'mon i demand vengeance. He does a really great job on his show 'The Middle Show'

HE BELONGS ON THE LIST... that is all


Where is David Price??? He hosts the Middle Show - Hes both extremely sensual and funny - you guys overlooked a truly strong contender


Okay, so the term "male" may be somewhat of a stretch, but pound-for-pound, David Price has to be the sexiest beefcake on the web.


If I was gay, I'd think David Price was sexy. Actually...I don't even have to be gay to know how sexy he is. I guess they didn't put him on because they wanted to give some other dudes a chance at winning.


i heard something about an update relating to Dave Price today? it's 9:30 EST and nothing yet. but that makes it like 6 am on the west coast. i'll wait. and be patient, for they say...the price man cometh.


I can't believe Dave Price is still not on this list.. What is going on? Update please?


Blasphemy.. You're going straight to hell for that one. David Price must be put on this list of your soul is going to rot for all eternity in the firey pits of hell. What's that? Sounds too harsh? *shrugs* I don't make the rules.

Wonder Twin powers activate! Form of buttered toast! :

Man wtf? Where is David Price? He host not only one of the best shows on the net (middle show rules!). But is also a sexy beast! He can dance and has no fear! I demand me some David Price!

David Plant:

It's too bad you don't have a category for mockumentarian, because I think Jarrett Cale from Pure Pwnage has a shot (www.purepwnage.com). His female gamer fans have even got an invite-only group on Myspace called the Harem of Pwnage.


Where is Dave Price from the Black20.com Middle Show? Better looking than the rest of these fools.


The gaping lack of David Price in this contest is like a black hole. Why? Because you gotta be tremendously dense to leave him out.

Tom S.:

David Price from the Middle show deserves to be a part of this illustrious contest. If you put David Price in the contest, your wildest dreams will come true.

Rob A:

I agree, Dave Price needs to be here! Where is he?


Why is David Price not on this list? I vote for him


David Price of the Middle Show on Black20 should be on this list! He's funnier, sexier, and smarter than any of these other yoyo's. I mean, come on, he ran across the Brooklyn Bridge in his speedo underwear!!! Give him some love!

Wow, David Price sure has a big family.


Actually, we're all former boyfriends and girlfriends. If you want to go on a date with him and find out how sexy he is...

samantha winter:

David z. Price from Black20's The Middle Show!!! Only he can make me care about this rinky dink contest you have here.


How is Eric Rochow not winning? Does he have to make his own microbrews on camera in order to win some respect?


David Price has got to win this contest. He must be in the running


David Price from the Middle Show is SO hot! Why is he not on this list??

Tom Z:

What about David Price, from the Middle Show on black20.com. Definitely pwns all these guys. Who made this list anyways?

Oh, Daisy...

I knew when I saw Dr. Tiki's Twitter that this could be only YOUR doing.

I only know you from TWIM, oddly, but I think I'll check out some of your writing while on the site.

I voted for Dr. Tiki, Kevin Rose, and Merlin Mann. How is Leo beating Merlin? I mean, no offense to Leo, but, hottie = Merlin.


If by Sexiest Web Host, you mean that you are looking for the hotest, finest, visually pleasingest, the person you most want to have sexual relations with, the only person that you would allow your wife to have a sexual relationship with (that is assuming she would even have a shot in hell of making it with such an exquisite beast), then the this poll has lost all credibility based on the oversite of the Devilishly Sexy host of the Black20.com's the Middle Show host David Z. Price.

I would like to promote David Price, because it doesn't say "ONLY TV hosts", and David Price is the most kickass host on the face of the planet.


david price please... thanks


Two words: David Price.


How about an Australian contender!
Grum or Rich from Scoutatv.com


"It's too bad you don't have a category for mockumentarian, because I think Jarrett Cale from Pure Pwnage has a shot (www.purepwnage.com). His female gamer fans have even got an invite-only group on Myspace called the Harem of Pwnage."

I would actually agree with this. As one of his female gamer fans, if he got in I'd have to split a vote between him and DP. I love you DP but.... Jarret Cale....................


I would like to nominate Ken Ray of Mac OS Ken.

Why isn't Matt Zaller on this list?



Do my eyes deceive me? I do not see David Z Price, the Bossome host of Black20's The Middle Show. He is a quadruple threat--sings, dances, hosts, breaks s**t. Don't think he's sexy?--watch his Valentine's Day special, and try to keep your pants on. Or watch Speedo walk--when he doesn't keep his on. This man can hoolah-hoop.

You have to add Patrick Norton. He makes my heart go pitter-pat. A man who wears a kilt, smashes things with sledgehammers, doesn't steal music and recycles! How could he have been over looked?


I second Patrick Norton. He definitely needs to be added.


David Price should win this thing clean.

William Berry:

As a heterosexual male I can't state if David Price is "sexy." That said, his and black20's middle show omission invalidates the whole concept.


See for yourselves.


Hello, where is David Price? Haven't you heard of Black20.com? Get with it, and elect David Price.


what the heck? where's david price? black20.com's middle show. dude rules


Leo Laporte!

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