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Trial and Error

Keeping It Green

April 22, 2008 10:26 AM

It’s Earth Day, so don’t feel guilty about watching online videos, especially since watching them doesn’t contribute much to your carbon footprint.

But do check out YouTube’s home page today—the featured videos are dedicated to green-friendly content, with videos on eating locally, solar power, veggie-fueled cars and eco-friendly shopping bags. Here’s one I particularly like on eating locally produced food.

If you want green content more regularly (hey, that’s the whole point of Earth Day), online TV studio For Your Imagination has created an “eco-conscious social entertainment network,” which it’s launching today. FYI partnered with Web video creator Eric Gunnar Rochow to launch “Real World Green” and “GardenFork” today.

Here’s an episode of “Real World Green” to get you started, all about office recycling.

Refurbished and Remanufactured Items are the new Green Thing
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The Eat Local campaign really bugs me, as if we all lived near farms and cheese companies and had the time or money to search for local sources of all the food we eat. For a multi-child family with two working parents living in an urban/sprawl area it's just not feasible to do that.

Hey Bryan:

I hear ya...but at the same time I think it is possible for multi-child families with two working parents to try to eat local more...maybe not every meal...but farmer's markets go a long way in helping with that...but you gotta do what works for you!

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