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Trial and Error

Let’s Meet Our Contestants

April 30, 2008 6:00 AM

And now, ladies and gentlemen, fair voters around the nation, let’s meet our contestants.

First up, we have Jeff Macpherson, star and creator of one of the first podcasts ever, “Tiki Bar TV,” going up against Tom Merritt, the host and resident tech geek of CNET TV’s “Buzz Out Loud.”

Next, average-Joe wine guy and social media sommelier Gary Vaynerchuk squares off against the square but adorable Adam Roberts, star of FoodNetwork.com’s “The Amateur Gourmet.”

Then there’s “Internet Superstar’s” Martin Sargent, who takes viewers through the wildest Web sites and Web stars around, duking it out with Josh Huck of “Searchin’ USA” as he checks out interesting searches on the Web.

After that, you’ll find the two hosts of “Diggnation” battling each other. “Diggnation” is one of the granddaddies of Web shows and features Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose sitting on a couch, drinking beer and reviewing the week’s most “dugg” stories.

Next comes Michael Somerville, Glamour magazine’s former “Ask Jake,” fighting against “DadLabs” co-star Troy Lanier. Somerville’s “Love, Somerville” Web show features relationship advice, while Lanier dispenses child-rearing tips for new dads on his show.

Then there are the tech gurus, Leo LaPorte and Merlin Mann. LaPorte is one of the first podcasters ever and the creator of the popular “TWiT” audio podcasts; he also fronts several video shows. Mann is on “The Merlin Show” and “MacBreak.”

We also have Chris Leavins of the show “Cute With Chris” a show about cute kittens and puppies. Awww. He’s clashing with “Philip DeFranco,” the Web’s current incarnation of Ze Frank and the star of his own “The Philip DeFranco Show,” an edgy look at pop culture.

Finally, “Indy Mogul’s” Erik Beck faces “Green House TV’s” Eric Gunnar Rochow, in a skirmish that pits the MacGyver of special effects against the male Martha Stewart, but with a green consciousness.

Tom Merritt, CNET TV vs. Jeff Macpherson, “Tiki Bar TV”

Gary Vaynerchuk, “Wine Library TV” vs. Adam Roberts, “The Amateur Gourmet”

Martin Sargent, “Internet Superstar” vs. Josh Huck, “Searchin’ USA”

Kevin Rose vs. Alex Albrecht, “Diggnation”

Troy Lanier, Dad Labs vs. Michael Somerville, “Love, Somerville”

Leo Laporte vs. Merlin Mann

Philip DeFranco, “The Philip DeFranco Show” vs. Chris Leaving, “Cute With Chris”

Erik Beck, Indy Mogul vs. Eric Gunnar Rochow, “The Green House”


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